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December 13, 2018

I would be pleased to offer my services as a citizen to the Canadian government to help bridge the gap with regard to our relations with China.

In 2003, I was arrested in Langwuzhuang at the height of the SARS crisis. At the time I was preparing to start a college on behalf of the Dawu Group and Red Deer College of the Province of Alberta. Mr. Sun Dawu had been arrested the day before on financing charges. The incident made international headlines.

I was placed under house arrest for three days. I was treated respectfully and with consideration by Chinese police from Baoding. Nevertheless, I declined to eat in support of Dawu Group and was prepared to continue it as long as was necessary to the end.

I was asked to read Article 1 of the Constitution regarding National Security. I simply asked if it was meant for me to read out loud and the reply was affirmative. Potentially, my sentence could have been life in prison. I was released though on a technicality.

It should be noted that I do not tweet. I arrive at a position with a considerable amount of thought and with much experience.  It is ironic that I had written a paper called FIVE LIVES just several weeks before Meng Wanzhou was arrested.

My postion is firm without ambiguity. On hearing of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver it appeared to me that it was for political reasons that don't concern Canada. I therefore propose a swap of prisoners called Real Free-Trade. There are now seven Canadian prisoners and on the other side there is a leading executive of Huawei. If the Canadian government wishes to pursue this avenue then I will do my best to resolve the issue with Ambassador Lu Shaye in Ottawa.


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